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risks of modern modular nuclear power

The risks of nuclear power:

Обзор Эстонского Зелёного Движения о рисках ядерной энергетики:

Risks related to small nuclear reactors in Estonia:

1) There is no escape from ultra-hazardous nuclear waste
– Nuclear waste originates from all known types of reactors
– Waste is stored for decades on the territory of nuclear power plants, waiting for a final disposal
– A working solution for final disposal in the world does not exist yet
– The problem of radiation has been going on for millennia
2) There are still security issues
– Large and complex technologies are not infallible
– Shutdowns or damages at a nuclear power plant endanger the power supply
– An evacuation zone in the event of even a minor accident is of tens of kilometers
3) The technologies are not ready
– In a rapidly developing energy market, flexible and local solutions are preferred
– Nuclear energy implies dependence on the path of specific technologies
– Commercial modular reactors exist only on paper
– Many of the experimental reactors that were built were shut down before they could be operative
4) A long-lasting burden on public finances
– The state would have to begin developping costly competence of licensing and independent
– The state would also have to create plans and funding in the event of a possible major disaster
– Due to the path dependence, government support may be required to maintain the viability of
nuclear energy
– The above costs are disproportionate and in the interests of only one private power plant
– Mass production of modular reactors (like other nuclear power plants) on the basis of private
capital alone is not realistic
5) Nuclear energy will not solve the climate crisis
– Action to tackle the climate crisis is needed now, developing and building new types of nuclear
power plants takes time and is expensive
– The fastest and cheapest solution are the number one priority- Countries that use more renewable
energy than nuclear energy have a smaller carbon footprint
– Nuclear energy directly inhibits the production of wind and solar energy
– Creating new electricity generation capacity is more costly in nuclear power plants than in
renewable energy

In the light of this information, we invite decision-makers, local governments, experts and other citizens to seriously consider the suitability of the nuclear power plant for Estonia.