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Peeter Vassiljev: Instead of a nuclear power plant, we need a battery power plant

2021-02-19 11:50:26

The challenge for 2030 will not be: “where do we get electricity instead of oil shale at all”, but instead: “what do we do with the surplus electricity produced in favorable weather and where do we get electricity in the dark and windless”. We need the ability to accumulate energy, writes Peeter Vassiljev.

For more than a year, nuclear reactors have been discussed more intensively in Estonia, especially in the key of offering solutions. We would have more climate-neutral energy, we would ensure energy independence, we would stimulate the economy through the construction sector, and it would all be very, very safe, because we are using the latest technology.

Discussion started by talking about molten salt reactors and praised the automatic safety that results from the controllability of the chain reaction and the spontaneous interruption if something goes wrong. After a while, however, co-operation agreements also came with developers of water-based reactors, and this time it was said that well-proven technology has been improved, we have learned from accidents and now making smaller ones and hiding them underground. By now, the deceptive default effect of the debate has passed and the wish to launch a special plan which has been put on the table.

Full article: ERR. Photo: Peeter Vassiljev, private collection.


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