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Twisted words and facts in the nuclear debate starting in Estonia

Recently, the Minister of the Environment approved the composition of the National Nuclear Energy Working Group, which consists mainly of officials with no background in specific nuclear energy. Doubts arise as to whether it is possible to competently analyze the possibilities of introducing nuclear energy in Estonia, discusses Madis Vasser in a recent article published […]

Estonia needs a balanced discussion on the risks of nuclear energy

On March 12, 2021, Fermi Energia, a private company engaged in the marketing of nuclear energy, sent a letter to several state institutions, in which the head of the company Kalev Kallemets strongly questioned the critical opinions of independent energy experts about the potential for nuclear energy in Estonia. As the issue of the social […]

Madis Vasser: investors and intelligent people seem to be fascinated by the nuclear myth – sad

On February 9, about 50 nuclear energy enthusiasts from around the world gathered behind video screens to hold the second Fermi Atomic Energy Conference. The highlight of the long day was the solemn signing of the document “Tallinn Declaration on the Future of Licensing of Small Modular Nuclear Power Plants”. Among the signatories were such […]

The nuclear hype drives us away from the right choices

The possible initiation of a special plan for an experimental modular nuclear power plant in Estonia, which has recently emerged, is, to put it mildly, incomprehensible. It is clear that the green revolution needs alternative solutions to the oil shale industry that would be acceptable to all sections of society, create jobs and be able […]

Peeter Vassiljev: Instead of a nuclear power plant, we need a battery power plant

The challenge for 2030 will not be: “where do we get electricity instead of oil shale at all”, but instead: “what do we do with the surplus electricity produced in favorable weather and where do we get electricity in the dark and windless”. We need the ability to accumulate energy, writes Peeter Vassiljev. For more […]

Watch a video about the risks related to small modular reactors!

Recently, the nuclear power enthusiasts are happy to talk about the reasons why Estonia needs its own nuclear power plant, but hear less about the risks involved. Watch the video made by the Estonian Green Movement – which risks are associated with the construction of a nuclear power plant?

Peep Mardiste: Five problems of a small nuclear power plant

If we start to build a nuclear power plant now, we would become a dangerous test site, the risks and costs will start from Estonia and will be covered by us, says a member of the Board of the Estonian Green Movement. The group of nuclear enthusiasts dream of building the first small nuclear power […]